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1) A loot is:
a) Stolen treasure
b) Stolen goods of any kind
c) A gift
d) An animal

2) Helena has a new pen. Gary decides to borrow it for a while, but forgets to return it back. The pen cannot be called a loot.

1) Woe is:
a) Sadness, Grief
b) A type of Food
c) Angry, angered
d) None of the above

2) Gwen had just fallen from the stairs, she is woeful.

1) Fatigue is:
a) Extreme Dizziness
b) A MacBook Air
c) A MacBook Pro
d) Extreme Tiredness

2) Gary swam for more than 24 hours, he almost collapsed with fatigue.

1) Appease is:
a) a book
b) to impress someone
c) to feel relief
d) to love someone

2) Ellen appeased Sophia when she finished her math test.

1) Haven is:
a) Heaven
b) Shelter or safe place
c) School
d) Doctor’s office

2) Sophia ran into a forest and found a haven of full of cute & friendly bears

1) Tapestry is:
a) Mr. Terrance’s jeans
b) Sticky Tape
c) A piece of clothing
d) A tissue

2) Helena plays the role of Helen of Troy, she must wear a piece of tapestry.

1) Dispatch is:
a) To leave someone’s house
b) To fly into the air
c) To walk in the sky
d) To send someone away

2) Gwen dispatched Sophia & Helena away from her house.

1) As Karen walked through the tunnel, she beckons her friends to come.

To someone, you simply wave your hand to them
a) Glut
b) Call
c) Beckon
d) Hit

2) Gabbi has a glut of money, she can buy anything.

After Jennifer ate a of ice, she got stomach ache.
a) Glut
b) Lot
c) Piece
d) Handful

3) A sleeping Christopher dreamed of a savage giant eating him alive.