The Adventure of Ulysses

By Bernard Evslin

12th April 2012 it
After winning their 10 year battle with the Trojans, They have to overcome a journey to return home. Unfortunately, it seems that Ulysses' idea to hide in the trojan horse has angered Poseidon. Poseidon then decided to make their journey home long and torturous. These people have to overcome many problems during the way back home. Their problem increased when Ulysses stabbed Poseidon's son's,Polyphemus' eye to blind him and told him Ulysses' real name. Some problems he went through is when they ran out of food and water, they had to go to an island and rob it. Unfortunately, they were attacked by the Ciconians, who were their cousins who lived on the mountain to attack them. Ulysses lost 18 people there. After that, they still have to stop by the Lotus island. There, the people will eat lotuses made by Persephone which will five them nightmares and cause them to be sleepy. Ulysses saved his crew from that. Later, the crew accidentally went into Polyphemus' lair but fortunately, some of them are able to escape with only 1 boat left and with Ulysses telling Polyphemus his real name instead of Nobody. After that, they went to Aeolus who helped them by giving them the wind bags and asked Ulysses to not let his crew touch it, but unfortunately, two of his crew opened the bad and released the wind. With this, Ulysses and his crew went back to Aeolus and asked for his help again but Aeolus rejected it. Lastly, they arrived at the Island of Racing sun that is full of cannibals.

Even with all these obstacles, Ulysses can solve them using his cunning ideas. As an example, Ulysses was the one who stopped his crews from eating the lotuses and drag them back to the boats. Other than that, Ulysses also tricked Polyphemus by introducing himself as Nobody and getting Polyphemus who never drank wine to get drunk and stabbed him in the eye before escaping the lair. Unfortunately, there was one thing that Ulysses did wrong, which is to mention his real name to Polyphemus. Afterwards, when the have to face the cannibal giants, he found out about the giants before the giant can notice him and slashed through their hands thus swam to his ship.

Ulysses have showed himself as a good leader since he was always the one who gave instruction and made cunning ideas to both, defeat the Trojans and to escape from various problem although sometimes the greedy crew will mess things up a little. This also shows that Ulysses is also a good leader because he does not get angry at his crew who doesn't follow his instruction but instead try to solve the problem with a clear mind. For example, when Ulysses was entrusted with the bag of winds, even though his greedy crew cut it open, he kept his disappointment by himself and just instructed them to go back and ask for help again from Aeolus.Unfortunately, Ulysses himself is quite easily convinced by peer pressure. As an example, when they were attacked by the Ciconians,it was one of his crew member to convinced him to go to that island and rob the people there.

Quotes From the Book

-- "If anyone else asks you, it is not Nobody, but Ulysses who has done this to you!" page 26
-- "One by one he carried the sleeping men to the ships and propped them on their beaches." page 14

New Words/Vocabulary

-- Cluster - A pack, A group of item of the same kind
-- Prow - The front part of the ship, usually is equipped with a sharp edged and used for fighting
-- Hellenes - Greeks

Examples of Imagery

-- " A brutal bellowing yell shattered the air," page 44
-- " 10 years of war had made Ulysses' men as savage as wolves" page 5
-- " The sky shed its gold; shadows yawned and swallowed the light page 43

An Image Defining this Week's Reading

I drew it myself :D <-- super proud xDD

As a defining image, i drew lotus with the summary of what happened to him. I chose the lotus because in the story, he actually saw what will happen to him in the future and that's why i made the main object the lotus, as a sign of his summarized journey. In there, we can see about how he was chased by Ciconians, about the Trojan horse, about getting the cyclops drunk and many more. This is to summarize his journey

20th April 2012

In these chapters, Ulysses faced with troubles that are difficult to overcome. The first of these next problems was when he sent some of his men to explore Circe's island, and they ended up as swines.To pay for getting his men turned back into people, he had to stay and live with Circe as her new husband. The next problem they had to face was when they tried to avoid the prophecy the ghosts made when they ask their guidance in the Land of the Dead, and ended up getting their ship scratched by "wandering, floating rocks." Then they decided not to avoid the prophecy after all and marched full speed towards it. To avoid trouble, they came to where Sirens are, a pair of sisters, whose song made Ulysses feel as though he needed to dive into the water or die a burning death although tied up.The last problem that they faced so far was when they had to sail in between two monster, Scylla and Charybdis, one of whom would pluck sailors up from the boat and eat them, and the other would suck up a great big whirlpool to full fill its thirst including the whole ship in it and spit it back up later.

Again, Ulysses solved these problems. With Hermes' help, he solved his problem with Circe by holding a special magical flower called "Moly", which prevented Circe from cursing him and turning him into an animal. He also won Circe's heart, and so she struck a bargain with him. If he would stay for some years with her as her husband, them she change his men back into humans. Later, after staying with Circe for some years, he begged her to let him go on his voyage once again, just as she said, when he was near death, she would turn him into a fox to suit his nature. She told him to set sail for the Underworld, where he can seek guidance from Teiresias. Though he tried to avoid the prophecies made by the ghosts of friends and family past, in the end he went along with it so that he can gather with his family as quickly as possible. When they passed the Sirens, Ulysses plugged his men's ears with softened beeswax, and, asked his men to tie him to the mast so that he can listen to the people and to the waves around him and gave instructions. He also has broken free once, but his strongest men, Eurylochus and Perimedes,tied him up again, this time with a chain connected to the anchor. Unfortunately, while sailing between Scylla and Charybdis, Scylla grabbed two of the oars and pulled the ship closer, and gobbled up six of his men.

Ulysses is a little rash here, yet still makes a good leader. He listened to Hermes' advice and allowed himself to get out of Circe's island. He showed himself a little selfish and t desperate when he threw one of his men overboard and drowned him so he could follow the soul to Tartarus. As always, though, he showed himself a pretty good leader, whether organizing his men and keeping telling them to keep their ears blocked when they passed the Sirens though maybe he was also a bit unwise and selfish at times.

New words:
Flay - To skin something

Have - A shelter

Sty - shelter for animals ._. like a pig pen?


“Ulysses had left his own ear unplugged because he had to remain in command of the ship and had need of his hearing.” page 87

"Dumbfounded, Ulysses saw the polished shafts of the oars which had been dipping and flashing regularly..." page 94

"These rocks shepherd me" page 85
"And the voices of the Sirens purled in a cool crystal pool upon their rock." page 88
"His eyeballs started out of his head." page 88

This week's Image
A picture that summarizes Ulysses' journey for this week. Including the sirens, circe, the 2 uhh.... monster, and the wandering rocks

27th April 2012

On the last part of his journey, he still has to face some problems. The first one is when he had to stop in Hyperion, the Sun Titan. There, he lost all his crew because they ate the Titan's golden cattle which resulting in death. Only Ulysses survived this since he did not kill the golden cattles and nearly consumed it. After that, he arrived in Calypso' island. Calypso asked him to stay there for few years and so he did, as her husband. Calypso taught him how to poke the fire to see what is going on, Ulysses also asked a crow, which was once one of Calypso's husband to help spy on Penelope and Telemachus to see what is happening in his Itacatha. He then decided to go back to Itacatha. Ulysses was then given with a boat which is destoyed again. Fortunately, Ino, a water Naiad helped him by gibing