Journal until cannibal beach.
15th April 2012.

Obstacles & solutions:
Ulysses’ journey is a tale of unfortunate events. After 10 years of fighting troy, he finally got the chance to get home, but waiting wasn’t that easy. He kept running from one problem to another. It started when the crew was starving; they then saw an island like it came out of nowhere. The crew wanted to fight, they underestimated the Ciconians and they thought it was the gods’ offer. They ended up convincing Ulysses’ that it would anger the god if he ignored the offering (the ciconian island) so he let the men invade the island by stealing they’re treasures and made a feast. Since then one of Ulysses’ crewmen realized that their luck has changed and the gods are no longer in their side. Another problem that they faced, they got too much booty that they can’t carry more things. After that they threw the booty out, which attracted the Naiads (beautiful water nymphs), this raged Poseidon, he thought that they were trying to steal his Naiads away while they weren’t. This made Poseidon asked his son Aeolus to drift them to Libya (where the lotus eaters’ live). In this place they were tempted by these delicious and charmed lotus flowers, which are addictive, and makes people fall asleep but then Ulysses realized that he should wake up so he decided to stop eating the lotus flowers. The next problem is when he went to Cyclops’s cave, he then encountered this giant and hungry Cyclops’ name Polyphemus, as usual Ulysses stepped up and became a heroic figure, he then had a smart idea and decided to trick the giant Cyclops by giving him wine, making him drunk. Later after that Ulysses took Polyphemus’ one and only eye. Another problem arise after this, thanks to Ulysses’ clumsiness, he said his name to Polyphemus and Polyphemus prayed to Poseidon which angered him more. Then Ulysses and his crew found Aeolus’ castle, he was being kind to Ulysess and gave him the bag of winds, nevertheless he didn’t know that he was used in Poseidon’s “plan”. Ulysess guard the bag safely as if it’s a baby. Then Poseidon with his sneaky little plans, decided to make a clingy sound to made it sound like there’s gold inside, this tempted the crewman, so both of them opened it. Then everything became a chaos, fortunately they found an island. Wait, it’s too early to say fortunately, I guess it wasn’t fortunate at all the island was full of giant cannibals, he realized after sending 3 of his crew men who never came back and himself to climbed up the tree, where the cannibal was there standing nearby.

Characteristics of Ulysess:
Well he is smart nevertheless he can also be careless. He was the one who had the idea of making the hollow toy horse, but he didn’t consider what it would make the gods feel. He then angered Poseidon. He is also very heroic, when they were at Lybia, he stopped eating those lotus’ and woke everyone from their deep sleep. Also he had proven that he’s determined, when he said he’s going to keep the bag of winds, he did, he guarded it all day and all night long.

Direct quotes:
“food could not be spared, nor water; the only thing that could go was the treasure taken from troy” –pg 8
“Ulysess’ men were full of food and wine, unready to fight” – pg 6
“”…his green beard bristled with rage” page 8
“He whistled across the horizon to his son, Aeolus, keeper of the winds, who twirled his staff and sent a northeast gale skipping across the sea” –page 9
“ate the honeyed lotus flowers, and fell into deeper sleep. –page 13
“the largest and the fiercest and the hungriest of all Cyclops on the island was one named Polyphemus” –pg 18
“then Poseidon, swimming invisibly alongside, clinked his golden armlets.” Pg 36.

New words:
Ether: delicate, elegant.
Indebted: owe money
Phlegmy: viscous liquid
Belched: burp
Aghast: horror or shock
Mutiny: fight or riot
Helm: wheel
Bowels: intestine
Exiling: removal
Vigil: observant
Boulder: rock

Running from one trouble to another.
He was sailing straight to nightmare
Ulysess’ head swam with fear.

I chose a small plant because it resembles that all it has left is hope, look at this picture closely, it doesn’t have what it needs to survive, it doesn’t have water. Although it survived for a few days making it look like that, it’s a perfect story of struggle and success and how it pull through.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Journal until Charybdis.

After Ulysses' dodged a bullet in cannibal beach, he then encounters another one, predictably. He decides to land in this island, because his crewmen were hungry regardless of the fact that the gods' were not in their side. Except for one, Hermes the messenger god, helped Ulysses by giving the magic potion. Before saying anymore i should tell you who Circe is. Circe is the goddess of magic, who turns guests or visitor into animals just by moving her wand, who also turned half of Ulysses' crewmen into pigs. Despite the evil side of her, she is a beautiful, tall & loving female. Now this is the part where Circe tried to trick Ulysses, but thanks to the magic potion, he could not get tricked. Circe was stunned and amazed that she almost thought Ulysses' had magic powers too, since then she gained respect and love for him, she also swore upon an oath that she wouldn't turn Ulysses or his crewmen into animals. Years and years passed by and yet Ulysses and his crew are still with Circe and in their human form. During their stay Circe tried to make Ulysses and his crew forget about their home Ithaca and their families, but one day Ulysses snapped out of it and realize that he has to go bac3k on his voyage. So they did, they then travel to the land of Dead - Tartarus, as predicted by Circe. After reaching Tartarus, he met his mother and some other friendly faces, he takes advantage of this moment and ask for advice from the dead, he also found out about his future. He was aware of what to come, so he tries to change the fate, he decided to sail northward, trying to thwart the prophecy. But then rocks followed them, forcing them to sail south. So he did sail south, encountering Sirens was the next thing in the list. Sirens are ugly witches,they are half human and half birds but they can sing really beautifully making the people forget the fact that they're ugly. Ulysses' came prepared with the beeswax that he asked his crewmen to use, for some reasons Ulysses' didn't wear them so it was a struggle for him. The next in life are Charybdis and Scylla who are two monsters who lives under the rocks, undercover. Charybdis is a monster who creates whirlpools by sucking water and spitting it out 3 times a day, killing all the crewmen nearby, whereas Scylla (the one with 6 heads) feeds one head with one person, who ate 6 of Ulysses' crewmen.

Characteristic of Ulysses:
Ulysses' is a guy who is loyal to his crew, to his family too. Although he's got a great life with the beautiful which Circe, he decides to go back to Ithaca, where his family is. I can also say that he's not just all-talk, he puts them into action, he really tried his best to safe his crewmen. He is also a smart guy, he knows how to solve the problems, like the beeswax, and how to trick Circe into swearing upon an oath.

"He was determined to bring these men home safely or die himself" as it says on page 47 showing that he is caring and loyal.
"first you must bind me to the mast. Tie me tightly, as though I were a dangerous captive. And no matter how I struggle, no matter what signals I make to you, do not release me" page 87 showing that he's intelligent.

New words:
flax: blue flower.
dwindled:decrease, shrink, drop, fall, smaller.
carcass: dead body. corpse.
peril: danger.
flinch: make a quick nervous movement.
minstrel: singer
mast: structure on a boat
birches: a tree with a thin bark.
sloping: when something rises.
taut: stretch
bade: offer/ auction.
oar: rower
veer: change direction

"he felt her fingers burning the cold metal of the sword as if the blade had become part of his body"
"the ship sailed blindly"
"There was a roaring of waters"
"Death has cleared myself"

I chose a picture of a grandma and grandpa because they're so loyal to each other. Although there are a lot of different people in the world, they still stay together. The grandma and grandpa represents Ulysses and his crewmen, while the people in the world represents their temptation, and their troubles. FYI they're not gay or in love.

Journal 27th April,
Until the end of the book.


The first chapter of the week informed me that another god was involved, and yes it was the cattleman/ sun god Helios! Ulysses sailed desperately looking for land and there he was looking upon a land that was full of Helios' cattle, he knew that he wasn’t supposed to eat any of the cattle, so he did not for a month, but one day, Ulysses' was caught sleeping by his crewmen, they then decide to take 6 cattle and cook them. Ulysses' found out, but he ended up eating the cattle too. This made another god rage, Helios. He got mad and prayed to Zeus, he also threatened him to make sure that Zeus punishes Ulysses, Helios said that if Zeus wont obey him, he wouldn’t. One day Zeus decides to striked a lightning bolt on Ulysses’ ship as a punishment, everyone died in the ship except for Ulysses. So now, Ulysses has no choice but to continue his journey alone. Then at one point Ulysses became unconscious, and found himself on Calypso’s island. Calypso is a beautiful being, who happens to be the Titan’s descendant. Like Circe, Calypso was also very committed in keeping Ulysses’ in her little island. She kept trying to make Ulysses’ forget about his home, Ithaca, but It didn’t work. One day Ulysses’ daringly prayed, Athene heard his prayer, she then convinced Zeus to let him go back to his home Ithaca, luckily he agreed. Nevertheless, Poseidon knows nothing about this, he was at Africa, so he couldn’t come to the meeting. It was time for Calypso to let Ulysses’ go so she did. This idea didn’t go that well, when Poseidon was done with his business in Africa, he decides to come back to Olympus and noticed Ulysses sailing back to Ithaca, this made him rage. Poseidon then threw a storm, Ulysses was almost dead. Thanks to Ino, a naiad had a grudge on Poseidon for something he did in the past. Ino gave him her vail, which gives the ability to float on water. After 2 days, he finally reached land. King Alcinous ruled that island and had a daughter named Nausicaa, who was very beautiful and had been courted by a lot of men, but for some reason, she doesn’t like any of them. One day Athene came to her in a dream, telling her to wash her clothes, so she did with a few of her servants. At that moment Nausicaa discovered Ulysses. She was very interested in him because he was a mysterious man, he didn’t want to tell anyone whom he was, but did not get to obsess with him like Circe and Calypso. On that island, they discover that it was Ulysses. Ulysses’ finally reached his home Ithaca. He realizes how risky and dangerous it was to expose himself as Ulysses’ since the suitors will do him and his child harm. Ulysses chose a beggar as his disguise. Penelope (his wife) was interested in him and brought him into her palace to chat more, Ulysses used this opportunity to tell her a challenge for the suitors that is almost impossible to do. The suitors failed and Ulysses’ succeeded. In the end Ulysses got his throne back.

Traits & qualities of Ulysses':
he was a loyal man, although he once lived with Circe and Calypso, he never forgot his wife Penelope. He was also a determined, because he has fought so hard, overcoming these obstacles just to get to Ithaca. He knows that he could've just stayed with either Circe and Calypso for the rest of his life, but he didn't.

New Words:
bestow: award
piety: holiness
veto: rejection
interlude: break/ stop
hearth: the floor part of the fireplace
grotto: a pretty cave
broth: soup
dumbfounded: amazed
eloquent: persuasive writing or reading
plea: request/ order
billow: something big
triumphantly: victorious
abide: obey
wrung: twist
spurned: rejected

"he has showered blessings upon this island"
"death comes to men in all sorts of ways"
"and felt the old man's tears burning against his face"

This picture is a picture that i created by myself, it is about Ulysses' and how his hardwork paid off, how he actually reached the point of success. The top stair represents his success, the steps of the stairs represent his journey, the spikes represents the obstacles that he faces, the non-spike parts are when he overcome obstacles. the guy with the smiley face is Ulysses *yayyyyy*.