The Adventures of Ulysses by Bernard Evslin
Chapter Titles: Prologue, Ships and Men, The Ciconians, The Lotus Eaters, The Cyclops’ Cave, Keeper of the Winds, Cannibal Beach
Week: 1

Obstacles, Problems and Situations faced by Ulysses
On the way home from Troy, Ulysses had a safe journey home with his crew. With all the treasure they took from Troy, there wasn’t much space left for food on their ships. So they found a nearby island and went there in search of food. The island was a place where Ciconians lived. When the Ciconians saw Ulysses and his crew, they attacked. Some of Ulysses’ men died but they managed to escape. When Ulysses decided to throw away most of the treasure to have more storage for food, the treasure that was thrown into sea attracted the attention of Poseidon’s beautiful water nymphs called Naiads. Naiads love jewels and strangers. The crew and Ulysses himself was having fun with the Naiads, but Poseidon wasn’t pleased. He was angry with Ulysses and set a curse on him. So Poseidon called one of his sons, Aeolus, keeper of the winds, to push Ulysses and his crew towards the hump of Africa called Libya. Libya was a land that was filled with Lotus flowers that when eaten or even smelled, made people fall into a deep sleep and have wonderful dreams. Ulysses and his men were tired and hungry, so by the time they arrived and saw the Lotuses, they ate until they were full. Even when they woke up, they would eat and fall asleep again. Ulysses knew that they had to get out of this place and into the ships. So with all his might, he fought with sleep and carried most of his men into the ships and sailed away. The ships sailed in the Aegean Sea that had many little islands. Ulysses and his crew were extremely hungry so they went to one of the islands. When they looked up, they saw something moving, it was goats. This island was filled with Cyclopes; they are one-eyed giants that eat almost everything it sees. The most deadly Cyclops was named Polyphemus. When Polyphems saw Ulysses and his crew on the island, he was happy because that meant more food. Polyphemus attracted Ulysses and his crew to his cave by the smell of the roasting goat. When inside, Polyphemus started eating the crew. Luckily, Ulysses was still alive, and he had a plan. Ulysses gave the Cyclops wine, which made him fall asleep. While the Cyclops was asleep, Ulysses stuck his sword in the Cyclops’ eye and blinded him. The Cyclops awoke and chased Ulysses and his crew to the sea. Then, the Cyclops prayed to Poseidon to make their voyage home a challenge. Then they’re boats were pushed to Aeolus’ place; he gave them wind to sail home. When they were close to their homeland, one of the crew disobeyed Ulysses and their boat was blown away. Then they arrived at Cannibal Beach were there were giants who eat men. So Ulysses and his crew started attacking those giants.

Ulysses' Method for overcoming those obstacles
Ulysses was a very smart person; he always had a plan for the problems that he faced. Like when he and his crew were faced with Cyclops who was going to eat them all, he made the Cyclops drunk and killed him. He was very brave too.

Traits and qualities shown
Ulysses showed that he was very brave when he led the Greeks to victory in the Trojan War. But he also showed lots of courage and bravery when he faced the obstacles and protected his men. But beneath all those bravery, there are some times where Ulysses feels scared, because he is just men after all. Ulysses is also sometimes vain when he feels that he has won a fight.

Direct Quotes and Examples
  • "One by one he carried the sleeping men to the ships and propped them on their beaches." page 14
  • "Ulysses unslung from his belt a full flask of unwatered wine. He gave it to the giant, who put it to his lips and gulped." page 21
  • "God of the sea, I beg you, punish Ulysses for this." page 26

Unusual words / vocabularies
  • Prow - The edge or front part of a ship
  • Cluster - A number of things that are the same kind
  • Propped - To support or prevent something from falling
  • Beckons - A body language for come forward

Examples of Imagery
  • "Polyphemus lay on his back, snoring like a power saw." page 22
  • "A wall of bronze, tall and wide, floating on the sea and blocking their way." page 28
  • "And there the winds were held captive." page 29

Defining Picture
Ulysses and his crew in the Cyclops' cave

Chapter Titles: Circe, The Land of the Dead, The Wandering Rocks, The Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis
Week: 2

Obstacles, Problems and Situations faced by Ulysses
There were many problems that Ulysses met along the way home. When he and his crew arrived on an island, a beautiful nymph named Circe put a curse on half of his crew and turned them to pigs. Then, when they arrived at Tartarus, bad news came from each ghost telling them about the bad fortunes that were to come. The gods were not on their side and that is a bad thing because gods are very powerful. The sky was not helping that time, it was foggy, but then Ulysses saw rocks that led his ships to travel safely. The rocks were unusual, the floated and they followed the ships, and it led them to Thrinacia. On the way to Thrinacia, Ulysses heard a weird singing voice, and he knew that it was them men eating sirens. The men put beeswax in their ear to not hear the singing, but not Ulysses since he was in command. Ulysses had to resist the singing of the sirens, and it was not easy. When they escaped from the sirens, new danger awaits. There were two big rocks, on the left was the Charybdis who makes waves and on the right rock was Scylla, a monster who eats 6 men at once. They had to go in the middle, but it was very hard to do, and in the end, Scylla ate 6 men.

Ulysses' Method for overcoming those obstacles
Ulysses was a great man; he had many tricks of how to get out of trouble. Like when his men had trouble with Circe, Ulysses out-smarted Circe with the help of Hermes. He was brave enough to enter Tartarus and speak to the ghosts; he was one of the people who survived entering Tartarus and coming back alive. Although sometimes Ulysses had his bad times, like when Scylla was eating 6 of his men alive, he was still brave enough to continue his journey.

Traits and qualities shown
Ulysses proved to be a very brave and noble man. He protected his crew and proved to be very helpful and caring. He didn’t want his crew or shipmates to go into danger, tried to do everything he can to protect them. He isn’t very good looking, and so, it seems that he doesn't qualify as a hero since he’s not that good looking. But he shows very much bravery and patience in his journey home. He has a very good self-control especially when being wooed by beautiful nymphs.

Direct Quotes and Examples
  • “And Ulysses smote the ghosts with his sword, driving them back, whimpering, from the trench of blood.” page 76
  • “But they could hear them clashing and moaning, keeping pace with the ship.” page 85
  • “Ulysses had left his own ear unplugged because he had to remain in command of the ship and had need of his hearing.” page 87

Unusual words / vocabularies
  • Haven: A shelter, a place of safety or sanctuary.
  • Glut: Swallow.
  • Disembark: Go ashore, to remove from a vessel.
  • Sty: A pen for animals, shelter for animals.

Examples of Imagery
  • “In those days men knew that the Ocean Stream was a huge river girdling the earth.” page 71
  • “Night tumbled from the sky and set its blackness on the sea and would not lift.” page 72
  • "They sailed out of darkness and into light, and their hearts danced with joy to see blue water and blue sky again." page 82

Defining Picture
Ulysses with Scylla and Charybdis

Chapter Titles: The Cattle of the Sun, Calypso, Ino’s Veil, Nausicaa, The Return
Week: 3

Obstacles, Problems and Situations faced by Ulysses
Although the ghosts had warned Ulysses to not have his men eat the cattle of the Sun God, when they arrived in the island his men could not bear the hunger and killed several cattle, making the Sun God angry. Their ship was wrecked on sea, and all of the men died except for Ulysses, who was saved by a beautiful woman, named Calypso. Calypso didn’t want Ulysses to leave by showing dreadful pictures of Ithaca, but Ulysses managed to escape with Calypso’s blessing, a ship. A heavy storm broke the ship that made Ulysses swim to shore. Few days later, a princess found him and brought him to the castle. But that day, the king got his fortune told that he must be aware of strangers, so when he met Ulysses, he tried to kick him out. In the end, Ulysses got back to Ithaca, but all he saw were suitors trying to marry his wife. Thankfully, his son recognized him.

Ulysses' Method for overcoming those obstacles
Ulysses was very smart; he used his brain to escape the dangers that he faced. He was also well known throughout the land for his bravery in the Trojan War, many people respected him and adored him. Ulysses wasn’t scared to try new things; he always tries to take risks.

Traits and qualities shown
Ulysses has shown bravery and courage. He is kind and a man that can be depended on, he is responsible. Although in the end he fails to save his men, he was able to save his country.

Direct Quotes and Examples
  • “What kind of monstrous lie is this? You know there are no stags on this island.” Page 101
  • “This is Ogygia, and I am Calypso.” Page 107
  • “I do not know. It is not clear, it is not clear. But I say to you, O King, beware of strangers, shipwrecks, and storytellers. Believe no tale, make no loan, suffer no harm.” Page 136

Unusual words / vocabularies
  • Bard: A poet
  • Distress: Great pain or sorrow
  • Perchance: Perhaps, maybe or possibly
  • Sullen: Showing irritation or gloomy
  • Shroud: A sheet that is used to wrap dead people

Examples of Imagery
  • “She was so drunk with sun and water that she felt she could run up the mountain and dance all day and night.” Page 132
  • “They came to another island where the sun and moon chase each other around the sky, and day flashes on like a lamp when you pass your hand over it.” Page 137
  • “And in the heart of the flame Ulysses saw a woman, weaving.” Page 110

Defining Picture
Ulysses' men and the cattle of the sun god