The adventures of ULYSSES

By: Bernard Evslin

Week #3:

Prologue, Ships and Men, The Ciconians, The Lotus Eaters, The Cyclops’ Cave, Keeper of the Winds, Cannibal Beach

obstacles, problems, situations, ordeals and danger faced by Ulysses....

After the Trojan war Ulysses and his crew of soldiers and shipmates can’t wait to go back home to their beloved Ithaca. Of course, they’ve miss their families and friends back home for they’ve gone been ten years from home, no exception Ulysses have missed his beautiful wife Penelope and his son. Though this is where his problem started. Ulysses and his crew wished for a peaceful trip and the first few days they did get plenty of wind to keep their ships moving. In a few days they found land and stopped to gather more food. The island they stopped to be the Cicconian’s island, they were awesome group of fighters the world have ever seen. Though Ulysses’ first visit wasn’t very peaceful for they thought the island was a gift from gods and start to slaughter everyone there. Soldiers of the Cicconians, angry wanted to avenge the deaths of their relatives, since they were awesome fighters Ulysses and his crew lost a few members of their crew. After the fight they quickly act as fast as possible away from the island. However bad luck landed on them for there is not much wind driving them back to Ithaca. As I forgot to mention the Greeks took and brought most treasures from troy for they were hungry with greed, by force Ulysses threw away his share of jewels attracting naiad’s, . Poseidon angry with rage tries to plan and ruin the trip home with obstacles. And still after the encounter with the Cicconians they still have to stop in another island were the god son of Hypnos the god of sleep live and monitors people’s dreams by giving them colored liquids to control their dreams and chases away nightmares. Though Hypnos’ son could not help Ulysses for he is a hero and has his own destiny, he is not easily manipulated though are surrounded by some god’s hatred. So Ulysses keeps dreaming in his sleep nightmares as if his trip was planned for him to happen, but these things were not good far from good they were terrible. Waking up from his nightmare Ulysses realizes how the island’s smell and delicious lotus flowers are manipulating him so he started getting to work by lolling his men up from the beach to the boats good thing that day there was enough wind to push his boats southwest in the meantime his men starts to awaken. Next dangerous place lined for Ulysses was the island where Cyclops live, unwillingly Ulysses board the ship to again find more food, though he always had a feeling the island wasn’t save at all. Ulysses and his crew slowly crept up the mountain though his stupid crew members were lolled by the smell of meat in ones cave that they ran to the top of the mountain where they meet a cave entrance. Inside meat of sheep and goats are slowly burning in an open fire. With greed and unthinkingly his crew members munched through the meat. Without knowing the cave doors were suddenly close hearing a loud sound that must’ve been from something big Ulysses’ shipmates and soldiers were on their knees begging for mercy and one by one the Cyclops Polyphemus starts chomping on their delicious fresh human flesh. Like other problems Ulysses not losing his quick wits Ulysses quickly came up with an idea. And tricked the Cyclops with wine who finally fell asleep. Ulysses struck the Cyclops’ eye with his hot spear the Cyclops vision became blurry. He could not chase Ulysses and his crew and he was close he ran away. Though Ulysses would have to think over next time for the Cyclops no other prays to his father lord Poseidon who planned even worst encounters ahead of him. The win brought Ulysses to a high wall knowing the wall wouldn’t go across the world Ulysses tried to find a way around it. He found a gate and shortly found out it was the kingdom or the mountain of Aeolus the keeper of the winds, with his charm, ability and wits he easily amused Aeolus that he gave Ulysses a gift. Though Ulysses’ traits after sailing for a long time can see the islands of Ithaca he was of guard and accidentally turned the gifts into terrible things. Ulysses came back to Aeolus hoping he would renew his gifts for him so badly wanted to go home but Aeolus refused and sent him away. Passing many islands throughout the Aegean Sea, Ulysses beached their ships in the island of racing sun to fix their ships, seek for food and get some rest. At the dark Ulysses sent of two of his men to climb a tall tree. Waiting his men hadn’t come back so he sent another to check on the first two. And still when dawn came none of his men came back so Ulysses determined not to lose any other men climbed up the tree. Halfway up he realized he put his men to their death for those tall trees he thought was, are actually giants. Slowly swiftly he slide down though, the morning flashed and fog cleared the giants were awake and are able to see things clearly. Ulysses and his crew could only do run and save their lives. That day Ulysses lost many crew members and from three ships he could only take one back to Ithaca.
Ulysses' method of overcoming those obstacles & etc...
Ulysses is one of the most famous heroes in greek myths though unlike others which are generally strong and are demigods Ulysses use more of his wits and strategy to overcome his enemies, for the famous success of the largest war in history, Trojan war was mostly thanks to his plan. And even though he had annoyed many gods and experience the gods hatred he always has a trick upon his sleeves.
Traits and qualities of Ulysses...
As most heroes are Ulysses is a courageous young man who dares to fight in wars and risks talking to beastly creatures. And example from these chapters: Prologue, Ships and Men, The Ciconians, The Lotus Eaters, The Cyclops’ Cave, Keeper of the Winds, Cannibal Beach is that he dares to talk to the mighty keeper of the wins son god of the god Poseidon, Aeolus and the powerful savage Cyclops Polyphemus another son of Poseidon who lives in the hills. And somehow his courage has always brought him good luck and had help him to survive the worst conditions and life and death situations.
Ulysses is also quick witted for as he have shown in most chapters Ulysses tends to use his great mind in doing things for example: in one of the chapters Ulysses was first to realize how the lotus affects he and his crew making them droop and want to sleep, and he was also the first to realize the things he thought were very tall trees were actually giants in the Cannibal Beach. Ulysses was also able to trick the Cyclops son of Poseidon in sleeping by drinking wine and drove him to sleep.
Another famous trait of a Hero is their super human strength with Ulysses also own. for Ulysses was able to fight through the long years of trojan war and was able to survive the pressure Poseidon have got in lined for him even though most of his crew members got turned into something else or either slaughtered or eaten by savage creatures of the Greek myths.
direct quote examples to support your findings (include page #'s)...
  • “you are bold enough, too bold for your own good perhaps” –Aeolus
  • “Ah, you do not know what you have missed Polyphemus. meat-eaters, in particular love wine. Here, try it for yourself.”
new or unusual words or vocabulary and their meanings (in your own words)...
  1. Prow – The edge of a ship;
  2. Loot – Something taken from someone by force;
  3. Tethered – Chain, Rope. Something used to tie an animal, transport, etc;
  4. Moored – To secure an object somewhere;
  5. Stag- a male deer;
three examples of imagery...
  1. it was all swimming redness
  2. twirling on their beams
  3. the sleepers painted were the most beautiful he had ever seen
a defining visual image for the weeks' reading
i chose this beautiful painting because i think this picture best symbolizes the odyssey (if you are not familiar with this word it means adventure or poem to describe Odysseus or Ulysses (in Romans) 10 year of riding the waves). the reasons are this painting of an old ship symbolizes Ulysses who used the boat on his way back to his beloved Ithaca, while the stormy seas explains the many obstacles he experience and Poseidon the mighty lord of the sea or also known as the earth shaker's hatred or rage (he surely acts like a jerk in this story). Though Ulysses still has hope of going back and surviving this bumpy trip home which is symbolized by the bright blue sky and the bright sun unlike other stormy days.

Week Four(starts Monday the 16th)-Circe, The Land of the Dead, The Wandering Rocks, The Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis.

obstacles, problems, situations, ordeals and danger faced by Ulysses....

In these few chapters, again Ulysses is still on his horrible boat trip back home. Obstacles he has prevented to happen, or survived difficult tasks. though in these chapters there are more to come. In these chapters Ulysses stopped at the island of the mischievous Circe, granddaughter of Helios who married Perse daughter of Oceanus. And if you are wondering if she is immortal, than she is. She also has abilities of reading minds and dreams, magic and prophecy, and last but not least certain homely enchantments. Circe became a problem for Ulysses for she had turned his crew members into pigs. However it is a good thing that his first best crew member reports back to him that all his crew has not come back. So Ulysses with the help of Hermes the god of thieves successfully gets Circe to love him and turn his crews back to normal form. For years Circe tries to make him forget home, though one day Ulysses was permitted by Circe to continue his trip back to Ithaca. As foretold by Circe Ulysses sailed down the ocean stream for days and night, feeling both grief and scared until they reached the land of the dead, Tartarus. Consulting with the ghosts Ulysses found out more of what is to come, in Ulysses underestimating ways of thinking he tried to thwart the prophecies from happening instead of moving southward he sailed northward, the shortest way to sail back to Ithaca. As on what happen to most heroes, prophecies cannot be prevented. Floating rocks stopped Ulysses from sailing northward; it tailed the back of the ship driving them south. First stop, siren’s Island, though he was prepared. Ulysses put large lumps of beeswax on his crew’s ear to keep them from hearing the tempting beautiful singing of the sirens; they are half bird half human all witch. Though Ulysses did not put beeswax in his ear for he had to keep in command of the ship and to do that he needs all his senses. So instead he asked his men to tie him to the mast of the boat and two strongest members of his crew to keep him from flinging himself into the ocean and eaten by the sirens. Ulysses almost succeeds and has tried to fling himself to the sea a few times but after seeing their horrible looks even though their voices keeps trying to lure him he overcome his temptation and continued sailing. But Ulysses knew better than to relax for he knew 2 flesh eating and tide blowing monsters in short time he will meet, Charybdis and Scylla. Thinking fast the only way there would be for the ship to pass through safely beyond the reach of Scylla’s 6 flesh eating heads and Charybdis’ tides there was only one narrow way for the black ship to pass. It was between 2 rocks and they just had to sail straight ahead. However forgetting that there was no wind and his boat is sailing by rowing the oars on its side Ulysses’ miscalculations caused big failure for Scylla snapped the oars like twigs, got on board and reached onto six sailors easily and quickly going back inside her cave. Scared as Ulysses and his crew members they rowed their oars as quick as their hands could row the ship to get away from the monsters as fast as possible. After days and nights of sailing they were running out of supplies and decided to stop in an island where Helios’ fat delicious looking golden cattle graze, Ulysses was aware of this island too. Ulysses and his crew waited and survive not eating the cattle for a whole month, though one day Ulysses was caught off guard sleeping by his crew members so they ran away and quickly slaughtered 6 grazing cattle without Ulysses knowing and in no time they were roasted producing delicious smelling scent that reached Ulysses’ nose. Ulysses caught them in action though they manage to trick him from busting them out. And actually made him eat the meat. Though then Ulysses realized he had been tricked for the slices of cattle meat made mooing sound and quickly asked his crew members to sail. Helios angry asked for revenge to lord Zeus who for justice let Helios swear vengeance upon them until only Ulysses was left among all his crew. Ulysses' method of overcoming those obstacles & etc...Ulysses is a brave man; he is determined not to sacrifice any of his crew members. Which is why he protects them, he dares to stay up all night just to keep him from getting in trouble or having another god oppose him. Most of the chapters in Ulysses stories has beautiful immortal island girls though, his memories of home has saved him from staying forever in the island. Traits and qualities of Ulysses...
Ulysses is a loving man, for his care about all his crew members and keeping them save from danger especially the anger of the gods. Ulysses is also very loyal, his memories of home has prevented him from being manipulated by pretty island girls. He is loyal to his home and to his wife he is determined to go home and chase the suitor away. Still in these chapters Ulysses used his wits in his own way to trick monsters, though he sometimes does not think of his actions carefully though this only happen once in a while, we have to give exceptions for a tired hungry man right? Like for example in the island of the golden cattle he let himself being tricked by his crew members and tasted the god’s revenge. He was lucky he survived the stormdirect quote examples to support your findings (include page #'s)...
  • “before we can love each other I must ask you to swear the great oath that you will not harm me when I am defenseless that you will not wound me and suck away my blood as witches do but treat me honestly, and that, first of all you will restore my men to their own forms and let me take them with me when I am ready to leave”- Ulysses (Ulysses tricked Circe in swearing the great oath)
  • “I have decided” he said I must go”- Ulysses (Ulysses decide to go away and avoid being manipulated in living immortality with Circe forever)
new or unusual words or vocabulary and their meanings (in your own words)...
Glut- Swallow
Ply- place for animals to live
Tapestry- a fabric consisting colourful threads

three examples of imagery...
  1. he was aflame with a fury of desire
  2. quite sounds like snow flaking, spider waking,heart breaking
  3. the mast bending like a tall tree

This is a pear though there are no others in the room, it is like the pear is lonely and so is Ulysses for from the start of his Journey he keep losing crew members

The Cattle of the Sun, Calypso, Ino’s Veil, Nausicaa, The Return
obstacles, problems, situations, ordeals and danger faced by Ulysses....In these few chapters Ulysses is coming to an end in his journey, I don’t want to spoil it for you before you read my reviews, but yes he came back home ALIVE. In these few chapters Ulysses face crazy temptations. Having to meet many different Island girls. Firstly Ulysses fell unconscious and went stranded on an island of the Beautiful, daughter of the mighty titan atlas who now still holds up the sky. Ulysses woke up on a bed of soft sweet-smelling grass, he saw a tall beautiful woman with thick long golden hair, and almond shaped eyes, and she too was tempting for not only a beautiful woman she was, for she is an immortal with ability to transform things, and best of all give another immortality (if you don’t know the meaning it means: to live forever; to never die). Ulysses was married to her by force, she claims all in the island is hers and he is in her island and he is in the island too, and is hers. Time flows slower in Ogygia, long years passed, Calypso, the gorgeous immortal had fallen deeply in love with Ulysses, for he was a talented fighter, quick witted, a strategist, a great storyteller, and is not very bad-looking man either. Calypso tried to keep Ulysses from thinking of home, she even put magical barriers and protection about the thoughts of Ithaca, though Ulysses as quick witted as the titan was had his own ways of solving problems too, He still Secretly thought of home and the more blurry visions and memories he has the more he wants to know more. At last his curiosity couldn’t wait any longer, he was so eager of getting back home, he gathered his courage to speak to Calypso who eventually provided with a beautiful raft sturdy enough to last until he gets back home and small enough to hold only a man inside. A few days of safe sailing, Poseidon back from his trip noticed the raft and knew what had happened while he were gone, along with his rage the wind, storms and waves matched his mood and strangled the boat forcing it to drown underwater. Though fortunately a Naiad who was passing by who is secretly hiding hatred and plotting revenge on Poseidon, she planned to do her revenge by Helping Poseidon’s big enemy Ulysses. So Ino came to Ulysses giving him a green Veil that has the ability to float, Ulysses holding it tight while wrapping it around his naked body. parts of his trip, still the water tried to swallow him and rocks crashed his body, until he landed on an island, he was so relieved to finally land, so he threw the veil back to the sea to thank Ino. Then Ulysses fell Unconscious for he was soaked wet, all bloody and greased with mud. The next day Ulysses was struck awake by the laughter on a side of the island he was stranded in. at this time his problem started for at the same time he knew Princess Nausica, Princess Nausica’s father was meeting the Oracle, He said to keep an eye on any wanderers, story tellers, strangers and sailors. Princess Nausica brought Ulysses to the castle and at once his father knew this was the man the oracle was talking about. At that night a great bouquet was held to remember the coming of Ulysses though none of them knew he was who they think he is. Then the Princess starts to sing about the Trojan war alsoing with those great heroes who fought their killed or not killed. Then of the great Ulysses who was an extreme strategist, and of the wooden horse sitting there while Trojans were sleeping, Ulysses started Crying, He remembered those times at war and confessed to the audience that he is Ulysses, The king pretended to be honoured and the next day quickly gave Ulysses chosen crew members and a large big boat. These chapters Ulysses might have been mostly lucky though in the next Ulysses is in big trouble. At last he finally landed on his beloved home. After he docked the boat he greased himself with mud, and pretended to be a beggar. He came to his dear swineherd, Eumaeus, a man that had served him his whole life. Ulysses went inside Eumaeus’ house pretending to be a beggar. He begged for food to him and also for money. Then he met his son Telemachus whom he remembered so well as a baby and was so happy that he knew his son came back to his land alive. In the morning he planned to trick some of the suitors in his castle. When he came there, telemachus son of Ulysses went to his mother and told him about the beggar, so that Penelope called him to come to the castle. There he told the queen stories and lies about himself and about him meeting Ulysses when he actually is Ulysses. Though last of all he pretended that Ulysses gave Penelope advice on the one who is able to bend his bow is to be made husband and ruler of the Island Ithaca. When the contest was announced suitors all around Greece came and even the greatest archers in the land could not bend the bow. It came to Ulysses’ turn to bend the bow and he flung the arrow in the air that passed all 12 axes rings. All of the suitors dumbfounded finally realized they have been tricked by Ulysses himself. And at that day Ulysses killed most suitors until 4 were left.

Ulysses' method of overcoming those obstacles & etc...

In these few chapters Ulysses did get much help from different gods, most of the Olympians especially Athena. They all felt pity on him for he had not return for 20 years since he traveled to Troy and Fought in the Trojan war. He was also pitied and love by immortal lovely girls in different islands, that they dare give him gifts so he could go back to his beloved land. Though still he did face a few problems he faced himself. I think Ulysses’ way of overcoming problems is fighting his battles instead of running away from them and through his wits. By fighting his own battles and not ignore his problems more problems are solved and less are waiting, instead of delaying making piles of problems for himself.
Traits and qualities of Ulysses..
Ulysses is strong and courageous. He is also a very talented archer for he is able to bend a bow swiftly and easily when all others even the best archers in the land of Greece is unable to. Ulysses also has a perfect aim. If it was in modern times he would’ve been able to struck bull eyes every time he flung his quote examples to support your findings (include page #'s)...

  1. “they saw him reach into the quiver, draw forth an arrow, notch it, then bend the bow easily, powerfully, until the arrowhead rested in the circle of his fingers, just clearing the polished curve of the bow”
  2. “He has paid for that eye over and over again” – Athena (reasoning in saving and letting Ulysses go from Calypso’s hands.
new or unusual words or vocabulary and their meanings (in your own words)...

Peacable: peaceful
Splinter: split or break into splinters
Crest: highest part of the hill
clung (cling): to hold tight
three examples of imagery...

  • Such fiery young man are frequently generous
  • And of the fierce joy that flamed in their hearts
  • The current caught him and swept him in

Ulysses is at the end of his Journey, In this picture Ulysses would be the winning man in horse. because he beat all obstacles. while the other racers are death and temptaions, he has been chased by them all around greece and he finally reached the finish line which is his pretty land