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Chapters: Ships and Men, The Ciconians, The Lotus-Eaters, The Cyclops' Cave, Keeper of the Winds, Cannibal Beach

Obstacles, problems, situations, ordeals and danger faced by Ulysses
The story started after the Trojan war was done in the past 10 years. Ulysses return and is set for a new adventure/ voyage. Ulysses faced a lot of problem starting from Chapter 1. Ulysses sees a small town and he is ready to strike it with his men. His ship however was pretty narrow and long, so there aren't enough space for Ulysses to place their supplies, so they are forced to throw away their supplies down the ocean. Once, they have found a good beach to stay at night, but it wasn't. The people who live in those lands called the Ciconians attacked Ulysses men. That night, about 18 crew are killed by the Ciconians. They continued their journey the next day, and they arrived in Lotusland. The lotus are edible, but they put people to sleep. The lotus are made by Persephone as a trap to Ulysses and his men. When the sun rises, Ulysses guided his men out of Lotusland, but then arrived at the Cyclops' Cave (the Cyclops was named Polyphemus). The Cyclops attacked Ulysses men, and he almost got eaten by the Cyclops. Ulysses then went to Aeolus for help and he gave Ulysses a bag of wind, and two of Ulysses' men slashed the bag open and there was a big wind that blew Ulysses and his men far, far away, almost back to their homeland in Ithaca. Ulysses once again asked Aeolus for help, but Aeolus can only help him once. Once again, Ulysses must restart his journey and went again to his destination.
Ulysses had to cross the land of the Ciconians again with battling them and leaving the booty Ulysses and his men got in the beach. When they crossed Lotusland, Ulysses warned his men not to eat the lotus, and continued their journey and arrived at the Cyclops' cave. Ulysses told the Cyclops that his name was 'nobody' and made the Cyclops, Polyphemus drunk by drinking wine, and damaging the Cyclops' eye too. Ulysses also asked Poseidon to curse the Cyclops in the middle of their journey to their destination. Ulysses then reached the land where the Cannibals live, and Ulysses told his men to climb a tree and watch for their enemies when they want to attack him and his men. After that, Ulysses swifted to the land and reached the harbor where he found a ship to continue his journey.

Traits and qualities shown by Ulysses in the way he overcomes those obstacles
The quality of a leader than Ulysses show in the story is a perfect example because Ulysses led his men until he crosses the Cannibal's Land even though they should restart their adventure in the middle of their journey. Ulysses also warned the others to stay off from danger, like not eating the lotus, and shown himself as a courageous man because of his bravery to overcome his obstacles, like crossing the land of the Ciconians, the Lotuslands and the Cyclops Polyphemus' cave, even though he had to bring ultimate wrath to Poseidon on their journey to curse the Cyclops.

Quotes from the book:
1. "If anyone else asks you, it is not Nobody, but Ulysses who has done this to you!" Page 26
2. "And Ulysses, ignorant of the mighty curse that the blind giant had fastened upon him, was beggining to hope that they might have fair sailing the rest of their way home". Page 27
3. "It was toward Lotusland that Ulysses and his men were blown by the gale". Page 12

Imegery from the book
1. "The hairy foliage was a beard. A huge bushy beard, hanging some forty feet above the ground". Page 44
2. "Ulysses thrust his sword into the fire; they saw it glow white hot". Page 22

Unusual words:
1. Vessels – Something used like transportation on water, usually bigger than a boat.
2. Prow – The edge / front part of a ship
3. Foundering – To become wrecked, fail
4. Tethered – Chain, Rope. Something used to tie an animal, transport, etc.
5, Woes – State where you are in pain, sad
6. Moored – To secure something in a place
7. Stag – An adult male deer

Visual image for this week's reading
This is a picture of a person dodgin a bullet, it means that Ulysses overcomed most of his problems, even the toughest problems he had to face


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Chapters: Circe, The Land of the Dead, The Wandering rocks, The Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis

Obstacles, problems, situations, ordeals and danger faced by Ulysses
After Ulysses escaped from the land of the giant cannibals, they set sail in a ship and continue their journey. They arrived in a myaterious island and started an expedition there. There are some difficult obstacles that Ulysses and his crew faced. The island was owned by a sorcerer called Circe, and she is quite tricky for most people. Eurylochus and his team expedition starts to explore a castle in the middle of the island. The crew started to investigate Circe's castle. At first when the crew arrived, they saw wild beasts that are placed in the castle entrancre. When everyone went inside the castle, they heard some weird howling sounds that made the crew follow the sound that lead the whole crew to a sorceress called Circe. She provided the whole crew food, porridge with cheese, barley and honey plus some wine. A few moments later, the crew felt something strange and suddenly, they turned slowly into swines, except Ulysses. He went outside and then saw something that is approaching to him. It was Hermes, the messsenger God. He explained everything about Circe's threats and Hermes gave Ulysses a flower called thr Moly. Ulysses ate it and came back to Circe's castle and ate all the food without getting turned into a swine. A few moments later, the whole crew that became swines turned back into original humans again. Ulysses asked Circe about something and he was told to go to Tartarus and meet the spirits in the Underworld. They soon entered the Underworld and arrived in Tartarus, where they try to avoid the prophecy ghosts that will distract them when they reached the Land of the Dead, but Ulysses tried to not believe to the prophecy ghosts about everything that can happen in the future, but as Circe's hint, Ulysses seeks for Teiresias, the ghost of a prophet. Later, they set sail again to the Wandering rocks which would guide their journey to an advanced time, but Ulysses' ship ended up being scratched and damaged by the floating rocks. Next, they were led to the territory of the Sirens that has voices that can sing attractively and attract Ulysses and his whole crew, so Ulysses decided to just go with it and passed the territory in the end. It wasn't just the end, but there was another problem that Ulysses encounters. They have to pass to another territory lurked by two monster which Ulysses has to sail by them called Scylla and Charybdis. It was said that one will pluck the sailors on the boat and another would make a whirpool and suck the whole ship in it and threatens Ulysses to not return back to land again. Ulysses decided to sail in the middle but Scylla grabbed two of the oars in Ulysses' ship that made the ship closer to it and gobbled up some of his men. But Ulysses and his remaining crew still got away from Scylla and Charybdis.

Traits and qualities shown by Ulysses in the way he overcomes those obstacles
Ulysses, in the way he leads his crew is counted as good like because he always overcome all of his problems because he is a man who overcomes all of his problems, even the toughest ones, especially dealing with the mighty Greek Gods. He is also careful and a bit tricky as well. He listened to Herems' advice and hint and he finally got out of Circe's Island with all of his crew. He is a well organized leader because he always comes up with plans (but not all of them are positive) and he always gets ready for some challanges he have to face during his dangerous journey.

Quotes from the book:
1. "I must go to the castle and see what has happened to your companions. But there is no need for you to risk yourselves." Page 57
2. "Still Ulysses did not dare to sleep, for the day was no better than night; no man could see in the dense wooly folds of fog." Page 72
3. "But he had warned two of his strongest men -- Perimedes and Eurylochus -- to guard him close." Page 88

Imegery from the book:
1. "It was white and heavily scented, with a black and yellow root." Page 58
2. "Happy sounds like bird railing, sleet hailing, milk pailing... Sad sounds like rain leaking, tree creaking, wind seeking... Autumn sounds like leaf tapping, fire snapping, river lapping... Quiet sounds like snow flaking, spider walking, heart breaking..." Page 88

Unusual words:
1. Moored- to secure a boat in its place (Page 48)
2. Throbbed- to beat with an increased force or rapidity (Page 63)