Chapter Titles: Prologue, Ships and Men, The Ciconians, The Lotus Eaters, The Cyclops' Cave, Keepers of the Winds, Cannibal Beach
Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Obstacles, problems, situations, ordeals, and dangers faced by Ulysses:
In the beginning of this story Ulysses has just ended the 10 year long Trojan War and is on his way back to his kingdom Ithaca with a lot of treasure. But because of the small size of their ship the treasure took up most of the space reserved for their food so they end up throwing the treasure overboard. The Naiads then found the treasure and collected it. When Poseidon found out about this he assumed that the Hellenes were trying to steal the Naiads away from him. Poseidon soon grew resentful. Another thing Ulysses and his men to anger the god of the sea is they landed on an island that was ruled by a giant Cyclops named Polyphemus. Polyphemus lured the men into his cave and started to eat them one by one. Ulysses tried to bargain his life and told the cyclops his name was "nobody". Ulysses tricked him into getting drunk from drinking some strong wine and he soon got tired and thinking they couldn't escape he decided to take a nap. During his nap Ulysses' men helped Ulysses up onto the giant's face and he stabbed the huge eye. When the crew got back to their boats with the cyclops on the shore Ulysses was so full of pride that he announced his name to the cyclops. Later Polyphemus prayed to his father, Poseidon, to take revenge on Ulysses and to make him suffer.

Ulysses' method of overcoming those obstacles:
I don't think that Ulysses ever does overcome the obstacles thrown at him by Poseidon. He is constantly being tortured by Poseidon and he doesn't overcome it because all he does is escape one bump in the road to then suffer from a different punishment.

Traits and qualities shown by Ulysses in the way he overcomes those obstacles:
Like I said, Ulysses doesn't overcome the obstacles. The traits that he shows when his isn't overcoming the obstacles are bravery, skillfulness and boldness.

Direct Quotes:
Bravery: Page 45: Ulysses did not lose his wits. Fear turned to anger in him and anger became an icy flame that quickened him.
Skillfulness: Page 7: He was the most skillful archer since Heracles.
Boldness: Page 31: "You are bold enough. Too bold for your own good, perhaps."

Page 5: "10 years of war had made Ulysses' men as savage as wolves."
Page 5: "But this fat little city has been thrown into our laps..."
Page 45: "Scooping the men up and popping them into their mouths like children eating berries."

New or unusual words:
Scything: to cut with a scythe
Stag: An adult male deer
Helm: wheel

For the image of this week I chose a man slipping on a banana peel. The shows that someone is playing a trick on the man. The man represents Ulysses and the banana peel is put in front of him by Poseidon.

Chapter Titles: Circe, The Land of the Dead, The Wandering Rocks, The Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis
Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Obstacles, problems, situations, ordeals, and dangers faced by Ulysses:
In these chapters Ulysses is faced with many obstacles. One of them is Circe. Circe is an immortal descendant of the gods who lives on her own island. Circe is very beautiful and kind and with the help of a little magic, all sailors fall madly in love with her. When she gets bored of them she turns them into animals. Depending on how much she loved them she changes some of them into beautiful animals like lions, and the boing people might end up being a toad. 22 of the Hellenes went to her and fell into her trap. She turned them into pigs. Eurylochus, who was waiting outside of Circe's castle, assumed the worst and told the story to Ulysses and the rest of the crew. Ulysses then went to the castle alone. On his way he met Hermes. Hermes told Ulysses about what Circe can do to people, how she can put them under her trance and turn them into animals. Hermes gave him a magic flower called moly that will protect Ulysses from her powers. Hermes also told him to make her swear that she will not do you any harm as long as you are her guest. Ulysses then went into the castle, met Circe and had a meal. She was surprised when he didn't change. Then he did exactly as Hermes said and got her to change the crew back into humans. Another problem Ulysses faces is the wandering rocks following his ships so he is forced to go to the sirens. The sirens are another problem. Their songs make any man want to jump overboard and swim to them. The problem is once the men get to shore, they are eaten. The last problem he encounters is Scylla and Charybdis. They are two monsters that both live under rocks that are opposite to each other. Scylla was a monster that had six heads and would take 6 men to feed each one of her hungry mouths. Charybdis is a monster that, 3 times a day, sucks in water and then spits it out creating a whirlpool. The only way to pass is to go exactly in the middle. Elpenor, one of the former crew men that died, told him this information and she also said if he had to go to one side, go to Scylla because losing 6 men is better than losing everything and everyone. Ulysses estimated that their boat was just thin enough to pass through without getting eaten or getting drowned. What Ulysses forgot about was the oars so Scylla caught hold of them and pulled the ship towards her. She ended up capturing and devouring 6 of the crew. Besides that they passed without much harm.

Ulysses' method of overcoming those obstacles:
Ulysses overcomes the problem of The Sirens by telling his crew to tie him to the mast of the ship. He also said no matter how much he pleaded, begged or tried to escape they would stop him. To solve the problem of the crew falling under the spell from the Sirens lovely songs he couldn't tie them to anything because they needed to row, so they all plugged their ears with wax so they could hear nothing but the thin pulsing of their own blood. Ulysses did struggle as hard as he could but eventually the sounds faded away and he stopped.

Traits and qualities shown by Ulysses:
Ulysses shows honor when he goes to Circe's castle alone. He tells his men that if he is not back by sun fall they should leave without him assuming he is dead. He shows that he is intelligent by coming up with the solution of how to overcome the obstacle of the Sirens. He is also observant by being able to tell that the little boy that he passed on his was to Circe's castle was Hermes. Without these traits Ulysses probably wouldn't survive for as long as he has.

Direct Quotes:
Honor: Page 57: "I have sworn an oath that I will never leave another man behind if there is any way a can prevent it."
Intelligence: Page 87: "...first you must bind me to the mast. Tie me tightly, as though I were a dangerous captive. And no matter how I struggle, no matter what signals I make to you, do not release me..."
Observant: Page 57 & 58: "I have sharp eyes for some things... Behind your slenderness I sense the power of a god... I know you. You are Hermes, the swift one, the messenger god."

Page 76: "...the mighty wrath of a god who reaches his strong hand and swirls the sea as a child does a mud puddle..."
Page 88: "And the voices of the Sirens purled in a cool crystal pool upon their rock..."
Page 83: "There he could see for miles over the dancing water"

New or unusual words:
Taut: Tense
Plume: A feather
Islet: A very small island

This is a painting of Ulysses' boat passing between the six-headed monster Scylla and the whirlpool Charybdis. Scylla has plucked six of Odysseus's men from the boat. This shows the difficulty that the Hellenes had while passing this obstacle.

Chapter Titles: The Cattle of the Sun, Calypso, Ino's Veil, Nausicaa, The Return
Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Obstacles, problems, situations, ordeals, and dangers faced by Ulysses:
So far Ulysses has encountered many problems. A problem he faces in these chapters is when he is sailing he finds an island that he knows is the island belonging to Helios, the god of the sun. He was to to avoid landing there but if he had to, not to eat the golden sun cattle. the Hellenes took the risk and landed. they soon found that the island didn't have much other to eat so they wanted to leave. But for 30 days and 30 nights a strong wind blew towards the shore, forcing them to stay put. The men almost staved to death. One day when Ulysses was sleeping the crew realized if they didn't eat the cattle they would die, and if they ate the cattle they would be killed by the gods. they decided they would rather die of a full stomach. they killed 6 of the giant cattle and started to cook them up. Ulysses woke to the smell of cooking meat. The crew lied to him saying that the meat was from 7 stags that wandered to them from the other side of the island. So Ulysses let himself be persuaded and ate. suddenly the dead carcasses started to move around and moo as though they were still alive. Ulysses knew he was tricked and he ran to the ship. It was too late and the gods knew what he did. The gale came back and Zeus struck the ship with a lightning bolt, leaving Ulysses as the only one alive. Ulysses then ran into Calypso. Calypso lived alone and got very lonely sometimes. She took him in but then didn't want to let him go. Ulysses eventually got Athena to help him and he was on his way. The last problem Ulysses faced was slaying the suitors of Penelope. He had a very complicated plan that ended up working out great.

Ulysses' method of overcoming those obstacles:
The first problem was never overcome by Ulysses. He lost everything, floated away on a piece of driftwood, going where ever the current took him. His second problem was Calypso. When he couldn't take being away from home anymore he prayed to every god to help him. Athena heard his prayer and since Poseidon rode a tidal wave to Africa and was visiting the Ethiopians, she thought it was safe to help Ulysses. I don't think he did much in overcoming this obstacle, all he did was pray and Athena solved his problem. Ulysses had a complicated plan to overcome this obstacle and it ended with him killing all of the suitors.

Traits and qualities shown by Ulysses:
Again Ulysses shows honor by obeying what he was told to do and avoid the cattle of the sun god. Even when he was starving to death the thought of killing the herd never crossed his mind. Ulysses shows loyalty to his wife, son and kingdom. He is loyal because even when Calypso wouldn't let him leave, he didn't just accept the fact he would live there forever, he begged and pleaded to go home. Ulysses also shows strength when he bends the string on his bow. All of the suitors are about half of his age and are ready to fight, he has been battling for 20 years and can still easily do what they can't do even when they try their hardest.

Direct Quotes:
Page 99-100: "We can do it now while Ulysses sleeps"
Page 103: "He looked about, trying to find someone to pull aboard. There was no one"
Page 107: " But Ithaca is my home," he said. "And Penelope is my wife"

Page 108: "She stooped and lifted him in her great white arms and carried him as easily as though he was a child"
Page 142: "shattering war cry"
Page 143: "And of the fierce joy that flamed in their hearts"

New or unusual words:
Besieged: To lay siege to.
Ruffian: Brutal
Clad: Dressed

This is a picture of Ulysses showing his strength to the many suitors of Penelope. They are all challenged to bend the bow string, but even if they try as hard as they can, only Ulysses can do it. After they realize his identity he kills them all.

New or unusual words: