The Adventures of Ulysses

By Bernard Evslin

Journal I

Chapter Titles: Prologue, Ships and Men, The Ciconians, The Lotus Eaters, The Cyclops' Cave, Keepers of the Winds, Cannibal Beach
Date/Week: 11 April / 3th Week

Journal II
Chapters Titles: Circe, The Land of the Dead, The Wandering Rocks, The Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis.
Date/Week: 19 April / 4th Week

Chapter Summary:
Circe - Ulysses and his men was tired. He then arrived at an island. While the men rest on the beach, Ulysses tried to investigate the island. He then saw a castle but inside, it sounded like beast howling and roaring. So he moved on. He then saw a stag, a big proud one. The stage just stood there like its not going to be shot or killed. Ulysses was so hungry, so does his men, and so he killed the stage. He brought the giant stag back to the beach where Ulysses and his man ate it. Ulysses wonder how there can be a giant stage wondering around the island. He then divided his men into two groups. One is lead by him and other by . Ulysses’s men stayed on the beach guarding while ‘s men discovered the island. ‘s men went inside the castle.
The Land of the Dead - Ulysses went to the underworld, this time by his own ship. There, he met his mother and the great wise prophet and wise men. He was then advised about the dangers that would come, and he was told where he should go.
The Wandering Rocks - On his way, he passed through the wandering rocks, rocks which push you to the direction where you're suppose to go. These rocks pushed Ulysses and his men straight to Scylla and Charybdis.
The Sirens - Before reaching Scylla and Charybdis, the men passed the Sirens. The Sirens are two birds with the faces of young girls. They would sing and make the people around crazy and they would come to them and they would snatch them. So Ulysses ordered his men to pluck their ears, and to tie Ulysses on the pole but no matter what happens, they mus

Journal III
Chapter Titles: The Cattle of the Sun, Calypso, Ino’s Veil, Nausicaa, The Return
Date/Week: 26 April / 5th Week

Chapter Summary:
The Cattle of the Sun - After being warned by Teiresias, Ulysses and his men sailed back. Ulysses and his men are very tired and so they arrived at an island called Thrinacia, and island that that was warned by Teiresias about its golden cattle that belong to the Hyperion, the Sun-Titan.