Week 3 Journal (9th - 15th April 2012)
Prologue, Ships and Men, The Ciconians, The Lotus Eaters, The Cyclops’ Cave, Keeper of the Winds, Cannibal Beach

Obstacles, Problems, Situations Ulysses Faced
Ulysses or known as Odysseus in another name has faced lots of problems in his voyage back to Greek. After 10 years of fighting in the Trojan War, he brought lots of treasure to his ship. Those treasures filled most spaces on his ship, so there weren’t enough for his food stocks. They went into the Cinocians islands to get some more recourses, but when they have a feast and wasn’t ready for a fight, they got attacked by the Cinocians there, eighteen of his men died and they went away by shooting arrows to the horses. After that they decided to drop some of his treasures into the water, so there are places left for his food. But then, those treasures attracted the naiads, the beautiful water nymphs. Poseidon, God of the Sea got even angrier. He asked Aeolus to blow the ship North-West. The ship went into an island where there are flowers that makes you sleep when you eat them. This place is known as Libya nowadays and it is where Morpheus does his thing. Morpheus is the God of sleep; with his powers he turns the crew’s dreams into happy ones. But Ulysses wasn’t affected, so he took all of his crew from the island and sailed away. Next, he arrived in an island where the Cyclops lives, in search of food. They went up on mountains but still feeling unsafe, his crew smelled meat and so they went into a cave and saw meat burning on a fire. They started eating it; soon the Cyclops Polyphemus came and starts eating the human. The Cyclops was given wine and so he got drunk. When he’s drunk Ulysses stabbed the eye of the Cyclops. Ulysses was clumsy and he told him his name. When Polyphemus was hurt he prayed to Poseidon to put punishments to Ulysses, because Cyclops Polyphemus is one of Poseidon's sons, he got even angrier to Ulysses. Poseidon had a plan and he collaborated with Aeolus, to give Ulysses a big trap. Later, Ulysses and his crew founded Aeolus's Castle; there he was given a bag of winds. Poseidon made the bag cling and sound like gold, from that moment the crews became curious and so they opened it. The winds went everywhere and the ship sailed into the wrong directions. Ulysses asked for Aeolus's help again, but Aeolus told him, he can't because the Gods are watching him. Ulysses and his crews end up in an island, there they met cannibals and some of the crews were eaten, most of them were ordered to climb a tree for safety. Ulysses sailed away and left the island with only one ship left.
Ulysses method to overcome obstacles
Ulysses has many methods to overcome the obstacles he faced, For example: stabbing the eye of the Cyclops Polyphemus, it’s one of them. Another thing is when he threw away the treasures in order to make spaces for their food supply. He also uses his strategies in the fighting scenes. One of them is when he shot arrows to the horses to block the Cinocians and making them fall.

Traits and Qualities shown by Ulysses in the way he overcomes those obstacles
Ulysses has shown his leadership skills and his survival skills and strategy. One of them is when he survived in the Lotus Eaters-Island, he put wooden splinter to keep his eyes open and he helped his men to go back to his ship. In the Cyclops Polyphemus cave, he killed the giant beast and saved his men from the danger. He also makes some strategies like to arrow the horses to block the Cinocians or when he led his crew inCannibal Island and ordering them to climb those trees. These qualities helped him overcoming the obstacles.

Direct Quotes Supporting My Findings:
‘Driving down with both hands and all the strength of his back and shoulders and all his rage and all his fear, Ulysses stabbed the glowing spike into the giant’s eye.’ – Page 232.
‘He worked furiously now, lifting them on his shoulders, carrying them two at a time, throwing them into the ships.’ – Page 153.
‘“Climb that tall tree there,” Ulysses said to one of his men. “Climb to the top and look about, then come down and tell me what you see.”
Unusual Words:
Caulked – To seal walls, ceiling, etc. (verb)
Squabbling – Being in an argument. (verb)
Slump – A form of land. (noun)
Oarlocks - A lock which holds a boat’s row. (noun)
Gluttonous – To be really full. (adjective)
Imagery From the Book:
1. “He studied his face-the wide, grooved brow, the sunken eyes, the red hair, the jutting chin.” – Page 13.
2. “A heavy calm lay over the harbor.” – Page 40.
3. “As dusk was thickening they made a landfall.” – Page 41

A Defining Visual Image For This Week's Reading:

Week 4 Journal (9th - 15th April 2012)

Circe, The Land of the Dead, The Wandering Rocks, The Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis.
Obstacles, Problems, Situations Ulysses Faced
After battling giant cannibals, Ulysses started his journal again. He and his men ended up in an island and as soon as the ship stopped, Ulysses told his men to stay. He didn't want more lives to be taken, so he went into the island alone to find food. In the forest he founded a giant stag, at that point Ulysses killed the stag and it was so heavy that he has to drag it to the shore. His men were really happy and started skinning and eating the stag. Ulysses knew that the island's safe. So Eurylochus lead half of his men into the island, because he was sick of seeing the sea. Meanwhile Ulysses and the others stay on the shore. Soon Eurylochus and his crew arrived in a castle and scary beasts came running to them. Instead of attacking, those beasts cuddled and licked Eurylochus and his crew. They heard a weird howling noise, so the crews followed the voice and saw a beautiful woman. She's called Circe and she's really nice, Circe asked Eurylochus and his men to bath and clean themselves. They were invited into a feast and they ate delicious porridge made out of cheese, barley and honey. Circe turns out to be a weird witch; she turned the men into swine. They were eating like pigs and got turned into swine. They were eating like pigs and got turned into swine. The swine were taken into a pig sty and started playing in the mud. Eurylochus was still outside the castle gate, and then he heard Circe's voice, laughing and enchanting a spell. Eurylochus ran really fast with fear and raced to the beach. He fell and told Ulysses about what had happened. Ulysses stood up and told his men to stay there; he went into the island himself. On the way Ulysses met the messenger God, Hermes. Hermes told him that Circe's waiting for him, and she doesn't like him. Hermes flicked his fingers and out came a flower named "moly". The flower will keep Ulysses safe from Circe's drugs. He marched into the castle and still sees the big animals going towards him cuddling and stuff. In the castle, he met Circe. She welcomed him with the yellow food, he ate it but he did not finish it. Then he drank the wine, soon Circe waved her wand and cast a spell on Ulysses. Nothing happened, so Ulysses took her wand and snapped it into two. Ulysses took his sword and asks for his men to come back, but instead of getting killed, Circe was amazed, seeing Ulysses like that, she thought he had magical powers too. Circe felt in love with Ulysses. Then she swore that she would never turn Ulysses and his crew into animals ever again.Years went by and Ulysses and his men are still in Circe’s island. They almost forget about their home, Ithaca and those they had a journey to continue. But then, Ulysses realized that he has a voyage to go to, so they continued on their journey and went to Tartarus or known as the land of the dead. There Ulysses asked the dead to predict about his future. Then he sailed south and rocks followed his ship. Those rocks forced them to go to the ugly sirens, they are half human and half bird and not really pretty. But their song attracts people and they sound good. Then they met Charybdis and Scylla, who were ones naiads. Now they are scary monsters, one makes whirlpool the other had 6 heads, Scylla and ate 6 of Ulysses’ men.
Ulysses method to overcome obstacles
Ulysses has many methods to overcome the obstacles he faced, For example: He used the moly flower to be immune of Circe’s spells, or another example is when he won Circe’s heart and so he begged Circe to let him and his men continue the voyage.

Traits and Qualities shown by Ulysses in the way he overcomes those obstacles
Ulysses has shown his bravery and strong leadership, he has also been a great risk taker because as a leader he can understand that he should be the one who walks first, sacrificing himself as one life rather than killing more men from his crews. His bravery has made him a strong man and helped his crew to escape traps that they had fallen into. He has also been a helpful man, who helped his crew to do things and provide food and shelter for them, instead of killing them like how some leaders tend to escape problems and leave his men to death. He is responsible for everything that happens to his men.

Direct Quotes Supporting My Findings:
"I shall go ashore myself - alone - to see what there is to see and make sure there are no terrible ghosts, giants, man-eating ogres, or secret sorceries. If i am not back by nightfall, Eurylochus will act as captain. Then he will decide whether to seek food and water here or onward. Farewell." - Page 48